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Direct Hire

Our recruiters identify, interview, qualify and present the very best candidates available as our client needs them.  Personality/Cognitive or Skills-based assessments help our clients gain insight into a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.


Empower America Preferred Partner

Contract to Hire

In order to solve your most complex workforce challenges, we provide vertically integrated workforce solutions. Powered by Eastridge Cloud™ and the functional expertise of every Eastridge recruiter, our end-to-end solutions are designed with the goal of accelerating and simplifying the hiring process. By creating process efficiencies and offering scalable solutions, we empower your organization to grow and focus on what matters most.

State Funding 

Empower America Preferred partner


On The Job training funds available to help you offset workforce development cost. 


Hire apprenticeships to work for you, paid by the state while they train.


Employee covid testing paid with federal funds

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