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For the probationary period employees remain on staffing company payroll, and those costs are covered by the OJT reimbursement.
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High Reward

When employees complete the MT1 course and probationary period, they become ready and trained permanent employees.

A workforce development program designed to retrain the 100,000+ displaced workers caused by the pandemic.

This large pool represents an opportunity to retrain Americans for new careers in Manufacturing and other industries. A chance to build a nationwide workforce that can support the future growth of your company, Manufacturing, and the diversification of America's industries.


The program pays in full for new employees’ Manufacturing Technician 1 certification training through Western Nevada College. This is an online self-paced training that can be done after work hours. In addition, the program also provides the employer with OJT 50% payroll reimbursement, during the first 480hrs of employment.


It's time to start developing Nevada's own premier manufacturing workforce. Schedule a meeting to learn more about how your company can engage, while building quality candidates–all at low risk to your bottom line.

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